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The Connection Between Beauty And Health


The Connection Between Beauty And Health

“Beauty surrounds us everywhere and in all aspects of our lives.” The dictionary defines beauty as “a quality of things, which makes these things beautiful to see.” Beauty is most commonly defined as a physical feature of things that makes those things pleasurable to see. Such things as sunsets, landscapes, art and humans are considered to be beauty. Beauty, along with taste and art, is perhaps the most important topic of aesthetics, another of the major branches of academic philosophy. In aesthetic terms, beauty includes a balance of form, color, size, shape and emotion.

Skin diseases often strike people who do not pay close attention to their personal appearance. Psoriasis and acne are both examples of skin diseases that are often associated with beauty. Unfortunately, these two skin diseases often cause misery for the people who suffer from them. Their misery is further intensified by the fact that beauty is also tied to a person’s sense of self worth, and a person with a skin disease cannot easily connect with others because of their skin disease.

Psoriasis is an incurable skin disease that results from the rapid regeneration of skin cells. The skin becomes dry, scaly and thick. While there are many treatments available for psoriasis, including prescription medications and many forms of alternative treatment therapies, nothing has been found to slow the regenerative process of skin cells. Therefore, for someone suffering from psoriasis, beauty must be balanced with health.

As for acne, many feel that beauty is tied to a person’s social life and how comfortable they are around other people. Acne can make a person shy and withdrawn, causing the person to become depressed and frustrated. This can ultimately lead to a cycle of stress, anxiety and depression. It can also lead to suicidal thoughts and behaviors. For this reason, treating acne should be included in any plan to combat depression and other related problems.

With all of these problems in mind, it is understandable why people would want to have a healthy and beautiful body. Unfortunately, however, the medical field offers few solutions for these problems. Instead, they offer treatments for each problem separately. People are left to their own devices to try to find a cure for every condition, which can be both frustrating and expensive. With so many disorders and diseases out there, it is only logical that beauty and health would be linked. By treating one disorder or disease at a time, people can ensure that they are always progressing towards a higher level of overall health and beauty.

Today, everyone is looking for that fountain of youth, but more people are also looking for beauty that is both enduring and timeless. By improving their diet and incorporating exercise into their lifestyle, people can dramatically improve their health and beauty. In addition, they can also greatly reduce the likelihood that a major illness will result in them declaring bankruptcy. All of these benefits make it clear that health and beauty should be considered as a serious lifestyle choice, and not a short term fad.