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The Six Best Health Defines

Health is a condition where physical, mental and emotional well-being are both present. It therefore differs from being fit or healthy which is subjective. Various definitions have been employed for purposes over the years. Some consider health as the absence of disease, death and disability; others define it as a capacity to manage pain, trauma and others believe it is something that we can achieve by exercising regularly, eating right and other external factors. Yet, many who have experienced long-term health status maintain that true health is one which cannot be achieved by these three elements alone.


The third definition is described as having good health by any measure. It therefore defines health as something that is measurable and has a standard set of standards that we can compare with our experiences. Most countries across the globe have similar standards when it comes to health. It is therefore believed that a country’s level of health depends on the standard of living of a person. This third definition of health is however only one of the most popular.

The fourth definition is also one of the widely used; it is known as the care provided through an accountable care organization. An accountable care organization is formed by organizations providing health systems with an agreement to share information about how they are working collectively to improve the quality of care and prevent illness. It is this system that brings doctors, hospitals and other health providers together to focus on providing the best possible services to patients. It also allows each person to have more control over their health, thus improving their quality of life.

The fifth definition which is called good health is associated with having physical well-being. It is associated with a person’s ability to work and earn money as well as social relationships. This kind of good health is considered universal and unchangeable. Although this definition may appear very simple, studies show that people tend to be much less happy if they do not have a good physical health.

Lastly, the sixth definition which is called healthy relationships is about bonding. It is about sustaining and building long-term relationships with our primary care providers such as doctors and nurses. This definition has been called one of the most important keys to ensuring better health systems. Healthy relationships between health systems are essential in preventing illnesses and promoting recovery.

Most developed countries spend so much time and resources on healthcare. This may be because the definition of good health is associated with having physical well-being. If a person does not have a good health, he is likely to have a low life expectancy. If he has both physical well-being and life expectancy, he is likely to have high quality life expectancy.