What Is True Beauty?


What Is True Beauty?

Beauty is widely defined as a subjective quality of certain objects which makes those objects pleasurable to see. This definition excludes only a few types of physical beauty, such as attractiveness or symmetry. Beauty, with aestheticism, is probably the most important subject of aesthetics, one of the most important branches of psychology. Aesthetic beauty is the subject of constant dispute, with hundreds of theories in existence.

The study of beauty has many roots in the study of happiness, with psychologists trying to find out what it is about a person that makes them happy. Attractive faces, body shapes, and hair are often used to try and determine the answers to such questions as why people consider certain things to be beautiful and why others do not. Beauty is usually defined as the ability to derive pleasure from beauty and the resistance to the appearance of ugliness or deformity.

Beauty around us is not just about the outer appearance. The makeup of our skin, for example, can affect how we feel about ourselves. A blemish on our skin may cause us to break down emotionally and may make us feel ugly. The same thing is true of unhealthy skin, which can also affect us mentally. We need to remember that beauty is a subjective concept, and how we feel about beauty varies from one person to another.

What is beautiful, then, is a state of being whole and complete. Beauty is something that transcends race, nationality and color, and therefore should be shared by all. People of different races, creeds and ages have similar definitions of beauty. People cannot be said to be beautiful if they wear foundation that cake wrinkles or if they have flawless skin. If the term beauty was restricted to the physical attributes associated with the human body, we would never have so popular a word as flawless skin, which gives one permission to speak about one’s inner beauty.

In my opinion, beauty is a subjective concept. No one can know what is truly beautiful for another until they have been sighted. There are no labels attached to beauty, as such, and therefore the term is not a fixed attribute that can be judged. Some people will tell you that they are beautiful, while others will tell you that they are not, yet there will always be a struggle between the two parties as to which is more beautiful in their eyes.

Perhaps the most accurate definition of beauty is that which lies within. While there may be nothing about a person that we can directly see, this does not mean that they do not have true beauty beneath the surface. It is this intrinsic beauty that is most important to a person, whatever their race, and whatever their complexion.