What is the Word Slot?


The word slot is used for an area between the face-off circles on the ice during a hockey game. There are two distinct areas in the rink that can be called the slot, the low slot is the area in front of the goaltender’s circle and the high slots are in the middle of the ice. A player who is standing in the slot should be able to see the puck better when shooting a shot. A player who is positioned in the low slot will have a better chance of scoring because he can see the goaltender’s hand from straight on.

The builtin amountOfMoney, duration, and number slots can map to any amount value. These values can be ordinal or non-ordinary. You can also define custom slot types, such as location, to map to utterances. By default, this method will map to the utterance’s slots, but it’s possible to add slots manually by editing the utterance’s Uterance tab and specifying their names.

The word slot was first recorded in the late 14c., meaning “hollow above the breastbone.” Its original meaning was a hollow. The term is derived from the Old French esclot, which is a synonym of slod, a word originating in Old Norse. In 1520, it was used to describe a hollow in the throat. It was used in a general sense in the 1880s to describe a slot machine, a gambling device that allows people to bet with money.