What Is Beauty And What Is Its Definition?


What Is Beauty And What Is Its Definition?

Beauty is often defined as a subjective quality of particular objects, which makes those objects pleasurable to see. These objects may include sunsets, landscapes, beautiful humans and unique works of art. Beauty, along with individual taste and art, is the basis of aesthetics, among the most important branches of applied science.

There are many theories on beauty. According to some, beauty is subjective; that is, how one feels about a given situation or object depends solely on the aesthetic experience that beholds it. Others subscribe to the belief that beauty exists independent of any personal perspective. The prevailing view is that beauty is a function of human psychology. The theories regarding beauty all agree on the fundamental importance of human visual system and its ability to affect the mental state and behavior.

Most theories concerning beauty have to do with physical aspects such as attractiveness, health, illness, and appearance. Aesthetic experiences vary according to each person. It also has to do with culture, tradition and the influence of media. Some people find beauty in nature; others are drawn to urban areas and structures, still others are inspired by art and beauty depicted in film and photographs.

The belief that beauty is an essential characteristic of a thing is held by almost all theories of beauty. According to this school of thought, beauty encompasses the totality of an object and includes all its physical, physiological and psychological characteristics. A physical aspect may be deemed to be a beauty if it satisfies the needs and desires of its beholder. For instance, the sight of an apple is considered to be beauty because it satisfies the visual system of a human being, while an apple on a plate is considered not to be beauty because it does not satisfy the visual system of a person.

According to the other school of thought, beauty is considered to be an essential characteristic of an object in so far as it contributes to the survival and continued existence of a living being. In this school of thought, beauty is defined as the harmony between the physical and the psychological or aesthetic sense of an object. An object’s physical and psychological properties determine its aesthetic experience. Beauty is therefore subjective, just like love and so are the experiences associated with beauty.

Beauty in itself is not necessarily related to any particular social class or cultural group. Beauty has been used throughout history by powerful people to manipulate the masses, whether by physically creating beauty in objects of desire or by influencing the masses through their emotions, prejudices and social media. In the present day, social media have influenced the way we see beauty because it allows us to connect with others and to express ourselves through pictures, videos, messages and blogs.