Warning Signs and Symptoms of Gambling Addiction


Gambling can be fun, but it can also be a risky activity that can have serious consequences. It’s important to understand the warning signs and symptoms of gambling addiction so you can get help if you or a loved one is struggling with gambling.

Benefits of Gambling

Despite its darker side, gambling does provide a number of valuable benefits to society. Here are some of them:

Economic development:

The introduction of legalized lotteries, racetracks, and casinos has helped to stimulate many American communities by filling local government coffers with funds that can pay for essential community services and infrastructure projects. In addition, these businesses create jobs in the area, which often help to alleviate unemployment problems and raise local incomes.

Mental health:

People with gambling problems have a tendency to gamble in order to self-soothe unpleasant feelings or to distract themselves from stressful situations. Learning healthier ways to relieve these feelings can be a vital step in recovery.

Overcoming a Gambling Problem:

A person with gambling addiction will need constant support in order to overcome the temptations of this addictive activity. It can be difficult to battle this condition alone, but finding a recovery program such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Gamblers Anonymous can give you the tools you need to stay clean and sober.

Managing money:

It’s important to set boundaries with your finances and take steps to protect your credit. This may include getting rid of your credit cards, having someone else take control of your family’s finances, closing your online betting accounts, or putting a limit on the amount of cash you keep in your wallet.