The Casino Advantage

The glitzy, neon-lit world of Las Vegas is depicted in the epic crime drama Casino. With a lean, mean script and masterful editing, Martin Scorsese delivers a powerful and gripping tale of corruption and greed.

The Casino Advantage

Every game offered in a casino has an inherent advantage for the operator. This statistical edge (known as the vig or rake) generates significant income for the casino. It enables casinos to invest in elaborate hotels, fountains, monuments and statues, replicas of famous landmarks and even their own versions of popular games.

In some cases, casino operators are able to manipulate the environment and gameplay to encourage players to play more often. This is called reinforcement, and the casino owners employ it by using psychological tactics such as sensory features and color schemes.

Bathrooms in a casino are usually hidden from view, requiring players to venture deep within the establishment to use the restroom. Moreover, many casinos make it difficult for players to leave the premises by having labyrinth-like walkways and plenty of slot machines.

Booze is a major draw at casinos, as it lowers inhibitions and increases the likelihood of a player making risky decisions. As a result, many casinos offer free complementary drinks.

Casinos are also carefully designed to disorient and entice visitors. This includes having no clocks or windows, which can cause players to lose track of time. In addition, casinos often use sensory features such as smells and the color scheme of their walls to encourage spending.