The Art of Casino Design


There’s something about the glitz, glamour and excitement of casinos that draws people in like a magnet. It’s not just the free drinks or the comps that keep players staying and playing – casino designers use sophisticated psychology to get players to stay and spend money. This isn’t just about slots and blackjack tables – this is an art form that casinos have perfected.

One of the most important aspects of casino design is removing any indicators of time. This is because people will quickly realise that they have been in the casino for too long or need to leave to get to the restroom before it shuts, causing them to lose interest and ultimately gamble less. This is a key part of casino design theory formulated by architect Roger Friedman, who wrote a 630-page book on the subject called “Designing Casinos to Dominate the Competition.”

Another crucial aspect of casino design is making sure that visitors feel safe and secure. This is done through the use of cameras that are mounted throughout the casino and monitored in a large room filled with banks of security monitors. This gives the casino an eye-in-the-sky capability and allows security workers to focus on suspicious patrons if necessary.

The main reason why casinos are so successful is because they combine 2 things that people are most excited about — entertainment and money. The combination of these elements creates a feeling of anticipation and suspense that keeps people coming back for more.