Popular Franchises From the Renaissance Period


Popular Franchises From the Renaissance Period

Sports movies are increasingly getting recognized for their creativity and the ability to draw audiences. A sports movie is a movie genre that utilizes sport as the central theme of the movie. It’s a popular production where a sport, specific sport, team, player, or following of sport are heavily featured, and that rely on sport for some degree to an extent for their main plot motivation or outcome. It may be a sports magazine dedicated to covering sports, movies with a sports theme, the sports organization itself, popular athletes, and even fan favorites. The entertainment value can be high-paced, often times action-packed, with plenty of romance and suspense, and lots of viewer enjoyment.

There has been much debate over which sport has actually created the most lasting and popular movies. The debate continues today, but one thing is clear; one of the first sports movies to receive widespread critical acclaim was “The Day of theounters”. It was released in 1926 and stars Marlon Brando as an ambitious boxer/actor who tries to make his mark in the big screen by boxing against those who challenge him. The movie follows Brando’s journey from childhood, where he was a varsity athlete, to his death in a airplane crash. The film tells the story of his rise to fame, as an actor, to the tragic downfall that ultimately brought his career to an end. “The Day of theounters” was one of the very first sports movies to show true grit of human conflict and perseverance.

Another of the early sports movies to receive widespread critical acclaim was “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (also known as “The Day the Earth Stood Busy”). Directed by James Stewart, the film follows the exploits of an astronaut during the early days of space travel. Following the destruction of the moon, the astronaut (Bruce Willis) must deal with problems involving communications, as well as a radiation poisoning that has left him with limited mobility. It also follows the spaceships progress through space and throughout various systems. Despite the presence of many iconic characters (including Will Suckers), the movie is largely focused on the space flight and the challenges it poses to the astronauts.

One of the more unlikely sports movies to receive a modern treatment is “NCAA: College Basketball” (based on the life of basketball star Allen Iverson). Though not actually about sports, this film nevertheless depicts some of the elements of the sport, such as athleticism and competition. It follows the early years of Iverson’s career as a college athlete from the early 1990s up to his departure for the NBA with the Phoenix Suns. Though it is definitely a sports movie, it does tend to romanticize the game and give it too much credit. For modern viewers, the story line may be too involved for what is essentially a college basketball film, but for those who appreciate sports drama, it is sure to please.

If you prefer modern sports entertainment, there are plenty of choices. One of the most popular of these modern sports fictions is “The Beach”. Based on the true story of adventurer Micah Price, who overstretches his own budget in pursuit of the perfect vacation by going on an extravagant cruise ship adventure in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Though the plot of the story is far less engaging than that of Price’s real life, it certainly is no slouch when it comes to showcasing the unique experiences of sailing across the Mediterranean Sea…

In terms of sports events which are more likely to interest modern sports fans, there is “Romeo vs. The Clown,” a charming take on the eternal feud between clownish kingpin, racketeer, and swindler, Remy. If sports-entertainment is your preference, there are a number of venues you can visit in Italy, where the famed Rome GP and the Tuscan Grand Prix motor rallies both make appearances. Another fun option is “Dirty Rotten Scum” (also known as “The League of Evil”), which tells the story of a group of car racers who race head to head in a bloody, futuristic battle. For fans of pirates, “Blackbeard” gives them an opportunity to see sea captain Rackham attempt to rid his fame and fortune from a series of unfortunate circumstances. For something a bit more comedic, you could also watch “Hermann Goering” or “Millionaire Man.”