English Based Sports Exchange Offers Many Different Sports Names

With all of the different types of sports covered throughout the news today, sports handicappers often wonder if there is a “wrong” sports team to bet on. Although it’s very hard to accurately judge exact involvement numbers for many sports across the globe, you can give an approximation by estimating total points scored by a team based on its historical performance. The following sports are great examples of where this can be applied: baseball, softball, football, basketball, ice hockey and volleyball. Sports bettors all have different perspectives as to which sport is the “correct” one to bet on, but the fact remains that most sports bettors enjoy placing their bets on the right sports.


There are many different sports betting systems in the world today. These include sports books, horse races and even sports tabloids that can provide statistics on many different sports. When looking at sports betting systems, it’s important to take note that there are several different types that cover different sports and betting situations. Here are some of the more common types of sports betting systems in the English speaking world:

– Black Book (The Telegraph): The black book is a British style guide used throughout England and Wales that lists prices and outcomes for over 200 different sports and gambling venues in England. This is the most common sports names in England and also covers rugby, soccer and football. Because the newspaper relies so heavily on advertising revenue, the black book can often be misleading with regard to actual results.

– Betfair: This is an online betting exchange that has many different sports names listed throughout its interface. Betfair offers its customers various options including standard betting, European betting and even the ability to place “special bets” through its unique customization tool. Like the black book, Betfair is based in England and is prone to inaccurate results. This exchange is popular among those who like to bet on many different sports throughout the week and is one of the more popular sports betting sites throughout the English speaking world.

– Sports Betting exchange (SBX): Also known as the SSE Betfair, this is another online betting exchange that features sports names throughout its interface. Although not nearly as widely recognized as the Betfair, the SBX is popular among bettors who enjoy placing their bets on a variety of different sports throughout the week. In addition to its sports betting offerings, the SSE Betfair allows customers to trade various products including stocks, indices, commodities, futures and more. This exchange is based in the United Kingdom, and like the Betfair, it offers various options and customizable tools to its customers. Like the Betfair, it also has a variety of different sports options and is available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe.

There are many different sports names throughout the English speaking world. If you want to place a bet on an English-based sports exchange, such as the ones highlighted above, you will need to ensure that your favorite team or league is available for that particular game. Other important factors to consider are the quality of play for the sports, as well as whether or not the team is favored by the bookmaker.