Not just politics

It’s taken me months of processing to know what I want to say about current political happenings in the USA. You may wonder why I’d bother at all, since I live in Australia. You may wonder what US politics have to do with neurodivergence, autism, disability or me… Let me explain.  Continue reading

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Nobody likes being scammed. Knowing that someone has told you a story that is not entirely true in order to convince you to give them money leaves us all feeling angry and insulted. Rightly so. We have learned to recognise it in many contexts, like marketing calls and tv advertisements,where we easily acknowledge when some one is trying to rip us off. But in other areas we seem reluctant to recognise that the people saying they are helping might not be. Like some organisations promotion of Autism Awareness Month. Continue reading

Autism does define me

Autism does define me

When we meet someone new, it is expected that we get to know each other to some extent. The context of the meeting tends to dictate the sorts of questions that are typically part of the conversation. Where are you from? What do you do? Do you have any children? There are also some answers that are typically considered to be appropriate, and some answers that will generally attract a negative reaction. Continue reading