There is a fairly persistent belief I come across regularly that autistic people are antisocial. I think what people mean by “antisocial” is that the autistic person doesn’t socialise in ways that are considered typical so they assume that the person does not like to be around people, or is not “good” at it. Continue reading


Self care and achieving goals

I reached two personal goals this month. I’m feeling pretty proud. As I’ve been patting myself on the back (figuratively) I’ve also been reflecting on how different my life looks and what the things are that have helped me get to a place where I could achieve these goals. Continue reading

I want to be wrong about Julia

Earlier this week I posted to my Facebook page a few thoughts about Sesame Street’s new puppet, Julia, who “has autism”. I’m putting those thoughts here, for reference, and following them with some further thoughts having now watched the new videos including Julia that have been added to the Sesame St website.  Continue reading

Not just politics

It’s taken me months of processing to know what I want to say about current political happenings in the USA. You may wonder why I’d bother at all, since I live in Australia. You may wonder what US politics have to do with neurodivergence, autism, disability or me… Let me explain.  Continue reading


Nobody likes being scammed. Knowing that someone has told you a story that is not entirely true in order to convince you to give them money leaves us all feeling angry and insulted. Rightly so. We have learned to recognise it in many contexts, like marketing calls and tv advertisements,where we easily acknowledge when some one is trying to rip us off. But in other areas we seem reluctant to recognise that the people saying they are helping might not be. Like some organisations promotion of Autism Awareness Month. Continue reading