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The Future Of Gaming Has Arrived

A computer game, video game, or video gaming is an electronic computer game that entails interaction with a human user interface device, including a mouse, keyboard, joystick, or optical motion sensor device, to produce visual output. The interaction takes the form of messages, sounds, images, or interactive 3D games. The human visual system has a specialized system called the oculomotor system which includes the brain’s image processing neurons and the central nervous system which provides the basic controls for movement, equilibrium, and timing.


Computer gaming hardware is constantly evolving, with new generations of personal computers coming out with increased capabilities almost every few years. In the last several years, advances in the ability of computers to interact with humans via the Internet and its use of massively multiplayer online role-playing games have produced a whole new genre of products. This new genre of computer games is commonly known as massively multiplayer online games (MMORPG).

Video game consoles continue to experience high sales levels, even as competitors from Asia and Europe to attempt to enter the market with cheaper devices that are capable of offering the same quality of gaming that the Xbox or PlayStation can offer. Gaming console manufacturers such as Sony and Nintendo remain determined to keep the competition going even as rivals release cheaper models that offer similar capabilities. The difficulty lies in finding the balance between gaming quality and affordability. Some gamers find that the graphics provided by these types of devices are simply not enough to satisfy them. Others find that the time constraints inherent in many of these types of gaming devices make it difficult to concentrate on game play.

The Internet has also experienced explosive growth in recent years. Millions of people log onto their computers each day to participate in online gaming. Because of this, Internet safety settings are often limited or broken. In fact, there are many instances where individuals have been fired from their jobs because they were unable to complete required homework or work due to Internet related issues. While there is no clear evidence that Internet safety settings on computers have increased the number of workplace accidents, companies are becoming increasingly worried about potential problems that could arise from employee interaction with potentially dangerous online gaming communities.

Computer games developers face a unique set of challenges when creating games for consoles and other platforms. Video game designers must decide how to successfully create a multiplayer online game that is appealing to a variety of gaming enthusiasts while still maintaining the competitiveness necessary to drive sales. The primary challenge facing the graphics programmer is how to create a visually stunning experience that still maintains a low-cost barrier to entry for the average player. As new game design systems are developed, the computer games developers will also have to keep up with changes to video game hardware as well.

Many PC and console players want the option to play multiplayer games for extended periods of time without having to connect to the Internet. Unfortunately, there are currently no plans to develop games that offer this type of freedom of long term play. For now, players can enjoy their favorite multiplayer games whenever they want by linking up with friends through networking or allowing play between multiple connected consoles. Gamers who like multiplayer games but do not want to put themselves at risk of having their gaming session interrupted by a busy Internet connection may prefer to use instant-flush gaming methods. These methods, which allow for seamless gaming across multiple platforms, are currently in development and should be available sometime in the near future.