I am not angry, I am scared

“I thought you were angry.”  It’s a phrase I’ve become used to hearing.
“Why are you angry?” I guess it’s a fair enough assumption. My voice was raised. My words were strong. My body language was not calm.  Continue reading


the language of identity, or “I am not an autism parent”

I think it is funny, in an ironic way, that so many people try to tell us how to identify and refer to ourselves. They say we shouldn’t use identity first language when we say we are autistic. We should say we are people with autism because we are people first. Continue reading

behaviour modification therapy does work

You can listen to this article as part of a podcast on The Neurodivecast by Alex Kronstein. Click << here >> to open the podcast site in a new window. This article is read second and begins five and a half minute into the episode. Keep listening for other excellent articles on the topic of ABA and behaviour modification therapy. 

“But it works”

It’s the most common reply I see from parents when autistic adults express opposition to behaviour modification therapy. I hear them tell the story of what has been achieved since their child has been in therapy, in order to convince others that they are wrong about the abusive nature of therapies like ABA. As I’ve listened I realise there is a lot of evidence supporting their claims, so I can only conclude that behaviour modification therapy does get the results parents want.  Continue reading

A severe problem

I received a message this morning, letting me know about an article on the FaceBook page of the Department of Education and Training in Queensland’s Autism Hub.

The article is upsetting in a number of ways. It contains misinformation, stereotyping, lots of negative language, and lots of blaming autistic people for their parents unhappiness and stress. Continue reading