Autism Awareness versus Autism Acceptance

This infographic is a summary of how the language used in the push for “Autism Awareness” contributes to the negative dialogue around Autism, and how the move toward ACCEPTANCE of Autism counters that.

I am happy for people to share the image, but please credit me and link back to this article, or to my Facebook page when you do. If you wish to print the image or otherwise reproduce it for your own use, please click here for access to the downloadable PDFs.

The is an image description following the image.

Image title: Autism Awareness versus Autism Acceptance 

Copyright statement:

©Michelle Sutton * *Please credit when sharing *Do not reproduce without written permission

On the left in a blue box a group of words titled “Words typically used when people are aware of Autism“. The words in the box are: epidemic, struggling, symptoms, lost, syndrome, behaviour, deficit, disorder, tragedy, tantrums, suffering, challenging, therapy, burden, cure, hopeless, treatment, puzzle, compliance.

On the right in a green box a group of words titled “Words typically used when Autistic people are accepted“. The words in the box are: diversity, support, value, community, strengths, belong, identity, achieve, accommodations, competence, advocacy, self care, love, celebrate, unique, understand, worth, goals, respect.

A question at the bottom of the page reads “Which words do you use when speaking about Autistic people?”

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